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Revolutionizing Service Management

Maximizing Efficiency, Increasing Customer Satisfaction & Reducing Cost

Zed-Service™ is a 360 degree after-sales service, repair & warranty management system that revolutionizes the day-to-day functioning of the service department.

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Zed-Service™ is an end-to-end customer service management software that streamlines complete after-sales service, warranty & repair processes of a company. Rapid globalization and emergence of new markets have brought a great surge in the manufacturing industry. While the core focus always remains on building the top line through manufacturing & sales; the after-sales service & customer support has become an integral business functions in most industries that manufacture or sell products bearing after-sales service and warranty as a mandatory requirement. If ignored, or underrated, it can bring a dwindling downfall to the profit streams.

Warranty, repair & customer service costs are significant for every manufacturing body and to everyone’s surprise many a times it becomes an uncontrollable and unpredictable expense in the absence of correct service processes and effective customer service management software… BUT NOT ANYMORE!

Zed-Service™ field service and repair management software revolutionizes the way customer service and repair processes function. This service management system is a comprehensive customer service management software that streamlines warranty, service and repair management for Carry-In (walk-in service), On-Site (field service management), Return-To-Bench (RTB) after-sales processes. Explore more with the following links and know how Zed-Service™ can be instrumental in improvising the efficiency & profitability of your service function.
Carry-In (Walk-in Service)
Zed-Service™ Carry-in or Walk-in customer Service management software is designed keeping in mind the challenges of a carry-in repair center. With an end-to-end solution approach, Zed-Service™ service and repair management software enables a complete service life-cycle automation for service industry. The robust features enable you to streamline & cut down paperwork, control overhead expenses and reduce TAT significantly!
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On-Site (field service management)
This is an extended version of the carry-in service management system which additionally takes care of on-site (field-service management) and return-to-bench (RTB) repair processes. It allows the service centers to track complete field service life-cycle including product movement right from customer’s location to the TRC (Technical Repair Factory) and back to the customer premises till the service work order is closed.
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