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How do you Cut Down Post Sales Operational Cost ?

Whether you manufacture electronic appliances, mobile phones or run an independent automobile company, the economic rule of business remains the same: Earn maximum profit, and reduce cost wherever and whenever you can.
In the severe economic times, when the business is limited and expenses surmount, entrepreneurs look for ways to save money on every sales step. In the process, they focus all their energies on getting more business to maximize ROI. This is but half-truth.
In the process of opening the front doors to pull in more customers, we do not realize that our existing customers are moving out from the back door. We neglect the proposition that earning profit not only means getting new business; it also means cutting down the cost spent on post-sales procedures.
The question that now arises is, “How to cut down the cost efficiently?” Many companies are still outside the purview of the technology. To survive in this tough market, it is important to include technical automation in your business operations and control cost. Some of the core issues that emerge when companies don’t utilize technology for their benefits, and rely on managing post-sales operations manually include:
  • Ledgers books and notebooks do not help a dime to fetch the accurate data
  • No record of number of service and repair offered to a single product
  • Chances of deceit in offering service increase
  • Time, money and efforts are not directed in right manner
  • Affects company image
  • No time management prototype could be followed
  • Results in customer dissatisfaction
Plight of Customer when Vendor Service is a Let-down
Everything an organization does is centered to make the end-customers happy. While making the clients happy during the sales process is pertinent for every organization, it is the after-sales support that would win you their confidence. In absence of a defined managing model, it gets difficult to calculate the time that is actually required for repair of a project. This scenario leaves the customer irritated, complaining, and angry, and spread negative publicity.
How a Technical Web-based Repair and Warranty Solution Helps
A Technical solution can help the manufacturer to manage after-sales processes and thereby save money. Let us see how an online solution can help:
  • Track different service level centers functioning
  • Manage workflow between various service level centers
  • Determine the spare parts requirement
  • Quality control to check the repairs and operation of the product
  • Full fledged reports to analyze, automate & improve repair processes
  • Measure service center’s productivity
  • Quality management at Production and logistics level
A technical solution helps to synchronize the after-sales processes, and control expenses. In the times of unstable economy, there can’t be a better way to control expenses. Companies that keep up with the latest technical innovations and are ready to move to the next level are now desperately loking for for software solutions like warranty and Repair management system to experience customer’s support and rejoice long-lasting profits.

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