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Create Service Efficiency, Build a Profitable Service Organization

Switch to Zed-Service™ platform.

When you eliminate or reduce paperwork, you actually create service efficiency in multiple ways like fast call scheduling, better route and resource planning, faster allocation of work orders & inventory or spares dispatch, quicker follow-up and complaint closure and finally easier & quick billing & payment collection. We all know that in the service industry, nothing but time is money, and therefore if you practice and achieve time efficiency at each of these steps, you actually generate additional profits for the company.

Are you still in dilemma and waiting to lose out dollars in the form of billable time to inaccurate, delayed & illegible service work-orders?

Do you still want to make substantial investments on hiring, on-boarding, firing and several other related operational expenses on manual service processes?

Yes. Only God can save you from loosing out your business.

NO. Congratulations! You are ready and willing to run that extra mile to be one of the champions in your service organization. You can not only safeguard the business interests of the company by creating a Profitable Service Organization but  also set new service standards by being even more careful and agile.

Ready Now! Read more about how Zed-Service™ helps companies save Time & substantial Money while delivering after-sales services:

– Manage & Control Customer Service Calls [Onsite/Walk-In]
– Manage Service Work-Orders
– Track & Plan services resources & visit-routes
– Schedule & Assign calls to field engineers
– Track Service Status & Make Appropriate Decisions
– Manage Healthy & Profitable Inventory Pool

- Manage TRCs (Technical Repair Centers)
– Manage & Support Field Service Technicians
– Validate Warranty & Track Maintenance Contracts
– Manage Service Partners (ASPs, GSPs)
– Control Invoicing, Collection Receipts & Service Claims
– Track MIS Dashboard with Simple Graphs & Pivot Reports

Expected Benefits when you choose to use Zed-Service™ platform?

Enhanced Engineer Productivity by up to 20%
Reduced Repeat Calls for same fault and saving on service cost up to 40%
Reduced spares overstock and non-authorized warranty work orders which can save warranty cost by up to 40%
Minimized illegible or mis-represented Service Claims which can reduce cost on claims by up to 25%
High Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Repeat & Referral Business opportunities by decreasing overall service turn-around-time by 50%

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