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Remarkable Benefits of Field Service Management Software

With high level of product standardization followed by massive product promotions and availability of hundreds of similar options to choose from, consumers today are not just informed buyers but equally responsive and empowered while selecting products associated with a particular Brand. Product price, features, promotion & availability at retail outlets are therefore just one part of the story.

Before making a buying decision, customers also ask and ensure about after market or after sales support service offered by the Brand to the customer. They clearly want to know and decide whether they will get service at their doorstep (field service) or nearby to their residence or not and will the service be offered with minimum waiting time and to their satisfaction or not. Any doubt or absence of information or clarity about the after sales and field service may adversely impact the purchase decision of the customer.

It is therefore of utmost importance for the manufacturers, distributors as well as the service channels and partners of a company to ensure a strong, visible and responsive after sales and field service set-up in place for the success of the Brand. It not only holds true for the Top selling Brands but equally important for even a new market entrant or a laggard Brand trying to establish some market share. In order to ensure smooth functioning of the service department and establish quick co-ordination amongst the various service entities, the company therefore needs robust, reliable and scalable field service management software.

Without getting into too many complexities about the programming side of the field service management software, let’s identify key business benefits of implementing proven field service management software:

-         Facilitates automation of simple, yet time consuming manual service related tasks

-         Works as a single & centralized repository for the entire service process

-         Reduces overall paper work and brings-in data accuracy

-         Minimizes waiting time for customer contact, service contracts, or spare parts information

-         Shortens the cycle between work completion and revenue realization

-         Improves resource utilization through efficient and logical field service dispatching

-         Reduces repeat visits/calls to the same customer through effective communication with field service engineers

-         Facilitates real time tracking & visibility of the service work-orders and their progress

-         Reduces overall customer response time [TAT]

-         Helps in optimizing service inventory and availability across the service channel

-         Remarkably improves customer experience & satisfaction and increases Brand Loyalty

-         Brings an Overall reduction in the service operating costs & improves cash flow

The above is just an indicative list of benefits achieved through effective field service software, I have heard many long and enticing stories from Service Managers, CIOs and even CFOs of companies using a reliable field service tool about how they were able to achieve unprecedented benefits not only in terms of streamlining their service processes and improving customer service but also in terms of increasing their service revenues and creating new revenue streams related to customer service. If you believe you can bring a change in your service department and create differentiation for your company, do get in touch, we are ready to share more such stories & insights with you.

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