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About Zed-Service™


Customer service excellence and top line growth are among the key objectives for service organizations. To gain this competitive advantage and increase profitability, Zed-Service™ brings a new, automated approach to DELIVER AFTER-SALES SERVICE.

Zed-Service™ is a 360 degree service management system that revolutionizes the functioning of the after sales service department. Zed-Service™ is a completely web based software that streamlines service, repair and customer support operations and enables the companies to maximize their business efficiency, reduce overhead cost and increase customer satisfaction.The fully automated online service management system called Zed-Service™ is one of the flagship software package developed and offered by Zed-Axis Technologies. Zed-Service™ also forms the core part of the Enterprise Business Suite offered by Zed-Axis. This service management Enterprise CRM package has been specifically designed keeping in mind after-sales service convenience and ease-of-use for the company and its users. Features and flexibility of the service solution ensures a hassle-free service management experience. Having served multiple industries, this solution has established itself as a unique and reliable service management platform. Some of the key advantages of Zed-Service™ that help organizations to gain a superior edge include:
Facilitates Multiple Service Processes:Carry-In, On-Site, RTB & More

We understand that different industries face different after-sales challenges. Hence we offer unique and effective solution to different customers depending upon their service requirements. Zed-Service™ caters to almost any kind of service setup including Carry-in / Walk-In process, On-site / Field Service Process, Return to Bench / Factory Service and more.


Diversified Industry Reach

Zed-Service™ has extended its reach in multiple industry verticals including Mobile Handset, Smart Phones, Tablets, Phablets, Power Storage & Power Conditioning Products like Inverter, Battery, UPS, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Electric and Electronic Appliances, Health, Wellness & Sanitary Ware, amongst others. The system has gained credible relevance in product based companies that require a systematized approach to manage their after-sales warranty, service & repair and minimize unpredictable and uncontrollable overhead costs.

Handling More than 0.75 Million Service Transactions Month on Month

Zed-Service™ is a robust solution that currently handles more than 0.75 Million WARRANTY / SERVICE / REPAIR CALLS per month. Zed-Service™ provides seamless access and transaction facilities to the users and just requires a PC with Browser and internet connection to get started. Transactions happening across the Service Centers, Service Franchisees, Warehouses, Head Office is visible and accessible to all concerned authorities including Top Level Company Executives in the form of MIS Dashboard, Flat Reports, Pivot Reports & Graphical Reports.

Operational Across 5000+ Service Centers

Zed-Service™ is seamlessly running at more than 5000 service centers across different geographies to streamline the customer service and repair processes. Service center heads, service engineers, inventory & warehouse managers, logistics managers, Authorized Service Partners and many other entities involved in service operations are successfully using Zed-Service™ system to automate their day-to-day transactions thereby increasing overall service efficiency and customer satisfaction manifolds.

Start-Ups, SMEs and Fortune 500 Companies

When it is about managing after-sales service and repair, Zed-Service™ is the choice of many established market players like Sony, Meridian Telecom (India, Russia & Ukraine), Luminous Power, LAVA International, Mobo Movil Mexico, United Telelinks (Karbonn), SAR Group as well as many other enthusiastic Start-Ups and growing SMEs like Delex, World One, inTarvo, Symphony, etc.


Flexible Engagement Models: On-Premise, Hosted / SaaS and More

Zed-Service™ is offered in flexible and scalable engagement models to suit the dynamic Business requirements of different set of organizations. Whether you are a large National, Multinational or Global Business Enterprise or a promising regional start-up we have a suitable model of engagement for you.
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Leverage the benefits of Zed-Service™ and guarantee yourself Streamlined Service Operations, Reduced Overhead Costs, Reduced TAT and Increased Customer Satisfaction. Want to know more? Request a Demo or Ask for Free Trial for a detailed understanding of the software.
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