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Experience reduced service TAT, full-proof after-sales service tracking, comprehensive reporting and happy faces of your customers with the multiple benefits brought to you by Zed-Service™.
Zed-Service™ is a unique software platform for the after sales service management, warranty tracking, repair and customer service operations management. Read some of the key advantages of this tried and tested after sales service software that help organizations to gain a superior edge.
  • One Stop View of Overall Customer Service Operations
  • Controls the TAT of Service Centers and Service Engineers
  • TAT Analysis with Product Performance Management
  • Minimizes Erroneous Service Claims
  • Maximizes Engineer’s Productivity
  • Real-time Tracking & Control over Service / Repair Logistics
  • Reduced Repeat Calls
  • High Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Highly Scalable after sales service management software to meet Business Dynamics
  • Helps in Product Performance & Gap Analysis
  • Real-time Monitoring of Service Calls and Inventory Consumption
  • End-to-End Spares & Service Claim Management
  • Powerful Search Fields
  • Graphical, Pivot & Flat Reports in user friendly formats
  • Rich User Interface (UI) for Ease of Use
  • Secure Data Backup Facility
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