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After-Sales Service is rapidly taking the centre-stage when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction & building customer loyalty. Thus, service processes are becoming more competitive and challenging day by day. In a pursuit to keep customers happy and reduce the exceeding cost of service, OEMs and third-party service centers look for ways to ensure timely & efficient service.
Zed-Service™ Carry-in Repair system is designed with keeping the challenges of a carry-in repair center in mind. With an end-to-end module integration, Zed-Service™ enables a complete lifecycle approach to service management. The robust features enable you to streamline paperwork, control overhead expenses and reduce TAT significantly!This automated system improves the profitability of your service center through synchronizing warranty, inventory and claim management, tracking repair status, identifying dead-on-arrival (DOA) cases, along with other major benefits that help service centers to gain a superior edge.Thousands of Carry-In service centers use Zed-Service™ to ensure efficiency, profitability and tremendous customer service. This includes some of the Mobile Telecommunication, Wellness Product and Electronic Appliance companies. and more.
Get your after-sales right with Zed- Service ™ Carry-In System. If you are handling repairs for Mobile Handset or related product, PCs/Notebooks, Computer Peripherals, Digital or Handy Cameras, Portable Home Appliances, or belong to any other industry that considers after-sales service as a critical business function, Contact Us for a
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