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Customer Service Management Software
In an epoch of hypercompetitive marketplace, customers have plethora of products to choose from. Companies strive to offer their products/services with ‘the best’ tag. The thin line between the differentiating factors of similar products has been narrowing, and companies are now vying on providing excellent customer service as their USP. It has been observed that companies that offer superior after-sales service are able to bind their customers more faithfully than the companies that don’t.Customer Service has become an experience more than a dedicated department. Simply put, excellent customer service defines itself as being with the customer from start to finish. If the company’s after-sales service and support has been as strong as its sales, the bottom line would continue to rise. This is because it helps you continue your existing customers without any additional marketing spend and also gets you new customers through word-of-mouth and again saves on the marketing & sales promotion activities.With the rising trend of outsourcing and inclusion of third-party service providers, companies have been facing a recurring challenge of lack of coordination and mis-management of data. Particularly in the product service process, wherein constant forward and reverse logistics takes place, it gets even more important to track the product movement and ensure timely delivery. Customer Service Management Software has helped companies to streamline the service/repair process, reduce overhead costs and improve end-customer’s retention.

Zed-Service™ Customer Service Management Software
Zed-Service™ is the best-in-class customer service management tool to standardize the repair process and combines all entities involved in the repair/service process under one common platform.While it helps to reduce overhead costs by optimizing engineer’s performance, you can also experience improved customer retention by reducing service TAT. As a combination of customer support system and an analytical tool for top management, Zed-Service™ Customer Service Software enables service team to handle customers more effectively.Zed-Service™ Customer Service Management Software facilitates Carry-In/Walk-In, Onsite/Field Repair and RTB (Return-to-Bench) service procedures depending on the client’s business channel & products. Zed-Service™ smoothens the after-sales operations and offers an enriching experience to the client’s who can offer the same experience to the end customers.

This all-in-one customer service management software strengthens and brings:
Make your after-sales service and support operations robust and flexible with Zed-Service™ online Customer Service Management Software.
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