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Equipment Maintenance Management Software

Key Challenges Faced by Equipment Manufacturers Due to Poor Maintenance of Machine and Tools:

In the wake of recent infrastructural development, new and innovative machines and tools have been developed and used in diversified sectors. Today, it is a common citing to find state of the art equipments put in use at the construction sites and in the research laboratories as well as manufacturing & production centers across the globe. However, it is significant to find that with the passage of time machines and tools undergo wear & tear and there is reduction in the overall performance. It is for this reason that maintenance and repair is needed at regular intervals of time after periodic cycles. With regular maintenance and repair, equipment and tools show optimum efficiency. Manufacturers and the service centers maintained by them are the primary resource centers to upkeep and manage the maintenance of machines, equipment and tools. If proper care of the machines and tools are not taken, the efficiency of production engineers is jeopardized and this seriously affects the performance of work and time of completion of tasks.
Heavy weight equipments such as metal detectors, scan machines, cranes, Transit Mixers, Heavy Tandem Rollers, Batching Plants etc. require regular on-site maintenance arrangements. Therefore, there is a clear requirement of onsite maintenance automation. A reliable and proven equipment maintenance system can easily streamline the entire functional dynamics of equipment service and maintenance in quick turn-around time and enable the business managers with right information and alerts. Correct maintenance information and control mechanism helps to keep the maintenance & repair costs low and implement practices that improves performance. Furthermore, with a proper maintenance management system, inventory managers and supply planners get real-time visibility of the running spares inventory [good & faulty] and can also plan future requirements.
Importance of Equipment Maintenance Management Software from Zed-Service™
The equipment maintenance management software from Zed-Service™ is a high end and robust system which aids in maintenance of machinery, tools and carry out their repair and service efficiently. There are several custom designed and user friendly mechanisms provided in the software that have the capabilities of managing the complete repair and maintenance process. What’s more, equipment maintenance management software also provides best analytics and reporting capabilities for the original equipment manufacturers supplying weighing equipment, dozers, loaders and scrapers, lab research equipment like microscope and many more. The innovative graphical dashboards provided in software are utilized for tracking the details of equipment service and provide quick real-time visibility to site managers.
For the purpose of maintaining streamlined and qualitative measures, Zed-Service™ provides arrangements by linking the equipment code with best suited and corrective measure, thereby making a closed loop. It is this closed loop that serves as litmus test for maintaining the service quality and SLAs.If there is a clearly identified need for the service and repair automation, our Equipment Maintenance Tracking Software is the best option around. Whether it is the regular service suite or for that matter off the cuff repair suite, Zed-Service™ is designed to facilitate seamless service operations and increase work efficiency of everyone involved.

Business Value offered by Zed-Service™ System:
  • Streamlined and efficient procedures to record/repair related to all types of equipments and this also includes heavy-weight machines used in construction industry, research experiments in laboratories and other research centers.
  • Proven & systematic process of managing equipment support through integrated approach where it becomes easy to generate and track the work order, allocate and re-allocate the work orders, mark the work orders as pending, work in progress or close them successfully.
  • Real time and comprehensive reporting access to the key executives with the help of integrated drill-down, graphical and pivot functionalities.
  • Supervise as well as scrutinize the repair and maintenance history.
  • Effective Execution of the field service as well as real time onsite Repair Management.
  • Balance and simplify the inventory management of spare parts of all types of heavy and light equipment.
  • Command a complete and detailed visibility on the equipment service, maintenance and repair.
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