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Zed-Service™: Field Service Management Software – A Highly Flexible Field Service Report Software

Field service is an important component for all product-oriented companies. The business process of providing field service to the customers is different from Carry-In service process. Since in field service the engineers and technicians mostly travel out of office, tracking their movement, scheduling and dispatching becomes crucial than ever. The challenges faced in field service report management are also many. Some of the main being the hurdle of carrying the inventory along to the site, creating delivery challans in case of RTB (Return-to-Bench) products, missing analytics and service/repair data, lack of real-time communication and others.Situations like these lead to major loss of revenue, which is often realized only after the damage is done. There are prevalent cases of moonlighting, parts/inventory mismanagement, fraudulent claims and stretched timelines. Companies have started automating their field service processes with various Field Service software Solutions. They not only streamline the field service repair processes but also make field service reporting effective. Thus, progress on work orders and engineer’s movement are tracked even when they are moving in the field.

Zed-Service™ is a comprehensive field service management software that helps to accelerate service delivery, reduce inventory costs, and decrease repair times. In short, Zed-Service™ field service report software enables companies like yours to provide world-class customer service, thereby increasing overall company profitability.

How does Zed-Service™ Field Service Management Software works?

From work order generation to Warranty Management, Part and Inventory Management, Return-To-Bench and Claim Management, our Field Service Management Software features modules that take care of all these functions. While the Field Service Software Solution allows complete tracking and visibility about the repair actions taken and the progress of the product service, it also provides a holistic reporting to the top management to track and control SLA and other related factors.To avoid the hassles of hand-filled forms of the field engineers/technicians to update their daily work status, Zed-Service™ also facilitates the PJP/DSR feature that lets the user fill in the engineer’s daily activities without much trouble. Since it is a real-time, no hassle activity, it eliminates the delay that results in piled up forms and unsubstantiated data.

One of the more reasons why our Field Service Report Management Software is chosen over other Field Service Software Solutions is due to its rich reporting functionality in different formats like Pivot reports, graphical reports, drill-down reports and others. The easy navigation and user-friendly UI makes Zed-Service™ a chosen Field Service Management Software. The fact that the software serves varied industries in service/repair/install of products and equipment makes it robust and scalable.

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