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Computer Peripherals
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Today we live in a digital age and majority of us rely on computers and other digital devices somewhere or other. Our dependence on computers has grown steadily, and there is not a single day when this rapid extending technology has allowed businesses to manage in its absence. The downtime is just not acceptable by the end users and this is the reason that the service and repair processes of Computer Peripherals are equally important and critical as base computing products.Computer Peripherals like Computer Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Speaker, CD/DVD Writer, Adapters, USB, Printers, Scanners, web Cameras, etc are important & required functional units of the computing system, and equally important in maximizing business productivity. It is hence the manufacturer’s responsibility to offer robust computer peripheral maintenance services.

The challenge in streamlining the Computer Peripherals repair process is due to the varied procedures involved in it. For a manufacturer who makes Printers, Scanners, Mouse and Keyboard has to support On-site, Carry-In and RTB Repair Process which at times become difficult to control. Managing too many repair processes simultaneously in the absence of any automated system thus not only becomes tedious but also a loss center for the company. Manual & excel reports more than often fail to measure the service TAT and meet the SLAs committed to the customers and thus increases customer dissatisfaction dilutes Brand Value.

This results in cluttered data, dubious and invalid service and part claims, higher TAT due to non-availability of inventory, ineffective interaction between the controlling bodies like Service Center Head, Technicians, Warehouse Managers, Account Managers, Claim Executives, Technical Managers and others. As the activity report of the service channels cannot be monitored properly, the repair process and customer delivery slows down and the service operations cost goes higher.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
Zed-Service™ Repair Management System has integrated repair processes for Carry-In, On-Site and RTB repair processes. This system automates the repair process with its modules like Warranty Management, Claim Management, Spare Part Inventory Management, Forward & Reverse Logistics Management, AMC Management and many more. The system offers real-time reports on all the open, closed and WIP (Work-In-Progress) work orders / job-sheets.Every entity involved in the repair process has a separate login and individual rights to escalate the work orders, mark them as Pending For Part (PFP), Repair Beyond Scope, Ready for QC (Quality Check) and other, depending on the status of repair. This real-time reporting helps other entities to manage and control their processes, which were often delayed and mis-handled in the manual process.

This ensures a smooth flow of the work order, with minimal chances of pilferage in service claims and part claims. Manufacturer or authorized service center head keeps a holistic view on the data and graphical and pivot reports help them calculate Product Performance Analysis Report, GAP Analysis Report, Engineer’s Productivity Report, Average Escalation Process and many more.

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