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Repair and Maintenance Software
Keeping track of equipment’s maintenance and service can be very challenging. In the age of hyper competitiveness, where companies deal in multiple products, multi-brands and multiple SKUs, manual tracking loses its gravity. The spare part movement, escalations, claims approval and rejection and other modules need to be traced efficiently in order to form a cohesive data that serves a basis for decision making. The trend hence shifted towards online tracking with Repair and Return Maintenance Software that sorts the service and repair functioning.

Companies vying on Repair and Maintenance Software often puzzle on the type of Repair and Maintenance Software they should choose. In this it has been observed that their needs coincide with softwares that are a ‘one-stop’ window. Repair and Maintenance Software that caters to everything from Work Order Generation, Equipment Tracking, Repair Maintenance, History Recording, Parts Movement, Reverse Logistics, to Integration with third-party ERPs are most preferred.

Zed-Service™ is an amalgamation of the needs of such companies that want to enjoy the benefits of streamlining their repair, service maintenance and overhaul processes with one single system. Zed-Service™ Repair and Maintenance Software combines all the powerful features that club together to offer a user-friendly interface that is easy to work with. It has a proven track record to minimize TAT, enhance engineer’s productivity and boost efficiency.

Working in line with various industries that follow different service/repair patterns, our Repair and Return Management Software seamlessly handles R & R, Forward and Reverse Logistics, RMA and related technical repair services and helps customer to manage their operations in a cost-effective and competitive model.

Zed-Service™ repair and maintenance modules help companies by synchronizing warranty (both In-warranty and out-of-warranty), inventory and spare part management, claim management, tracking repair status, identifying dead-on-arrival (DOA) cases, along with several other benefits.

Many manufacturing units outsource their repair and maintenance services to third-party service provider(s), also called ASPs- Authorized Service Partners or GSPS-Global Service Partners. Our Repair and Maintenance Software has helped companies and their ASPs/GSPs to streamline their otherwise scattered paperwork and control overhead expenses.

One of the major benefits that has been realized by the ASPs is systematized Claim Management. With Zed-Service™ Repair and Maintenance Software, the validation and approval of service and part claims got easier. Our clients have confirmed that using the knitted claim matrix of Zed-Service™, they could reconcile the claims in no time, and engineers don’t have to wait incessantly for the parts.

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