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Service Order Management Software

Service Order Management Software is used to track and manage service orders received or collected from customers. Service order management software plays an important role in making the entire customer service process of manufacturers and service partners much more efficient, cost-effective and trustworthy.

Service order Management software module of Zed-Service™ platform streamlines and automates the complete life-cycle of service order from the time a faulty product is brought to the customer service desk to the time it is repaired and returned to the customer.

Service order Management software facilitates the company to carry out the following core activities related to customer service:

  • Pre-Service Inspection or Entry Level Screening (ELS)
  • Customer Service history tracking using unique numbers (serial number, imei number, etc)
  • Service warranty validation (to verify warranty and out of warranty cases)
  • Service Order Cost Estimation & Approval
  • Service Complaint Registration
  • Service Order creation
  • Service Order Call Assignment to technician/engineer
  • Service Order escalation management
  • Service Order status triggers (on SMS & email) to the customer
  • Service Order dispatch & delivery scheduling
  • Service Order delivery & payment collection
  • Track & Analyze service order performance (service TAT & engineer productivity)
  • Reward & Recognize service partners and service technicians

Service order Management software module is a tried and tested and popular module of Zed-Service™ software and widely used by reputed Brands in India. In addition, it is also used by global customers from Middle-East, Latin America, Africa and CIS Countries. Gone are the days when Service order Management software used to be the forte of the few, with the evolution of cloud technologies and innovating software service delivery models like SaaS (software as a service), availing a reliable and robust service order management tool is affordable to even start-ups and companies with limited IT budget. Get a no obligation Free Trial and consultation now to know more about how this strategic service order management tool can help your company.

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