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Service Lifecycle Management Software
Service Lifecycle Management is putting together service opportunities to form an integrated cycle, rather than be viewed as disintegrated processes. The ability to effectively manage the different steps of the service lifecycle is fundamental to strong business functioning.

After-sales service and support is an extensive process, including several segments like call centers, service centers, escalations, approvals, return escalations and many others. Right from generating a customer work order, to work order assignment to engineer, work order status, and closure, service and repair takes a full circle to complete its lifecycle.

Service operation management with a Service and Repair Software is the synchronization of day-to-day service operations otherwise dispersed under different systems. The focus of Service Lifecycle Management Software is to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in carrying out these daily operations and ensuring timely delivery of the product back to the customers.

Why you need a ‘Total Solution’ for Service and Repair?
The need for a solution that takes note of the A-Z of after-sales service has been evoked by the increasing interdependencies on third-party service providers. The only way to accurately and consistently analyze their functioning is with an end-to-end, fully integrated Service Lifecycle Management Software. A robust and scalable Service and Repair software acts as a backbone of any service industry and ties together the functional and executive processes.

Zed-Service™ Lifecycle Management Software brings together all critical business processes and optimizes them for streamlined service processes, increased engineer’s productivity and quick TAT (Turn-Around-Time). Our Service and Repair Software Zed-Service™ supports all 3 functional processes viz. Walk-in/Carry-in, Field Service and Return-to-Bench. Basis the client’s business industry and working matrix, Zed-Service™ facilitates the most suitable process.

Eliminate the lack of alignment between IT priorities and service delivery. Increase the quality of integration between organizational roles and responsibilities with the Service Lifecycle Management Software Zed-Service™.

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