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Auto Ancillaries
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Surge in the automobile industry has also accounted for a stupendous growth in Auto Ancillaries and Components. With improvements in terms of growth, flexibility and absorption of new technologies, Auto Ancillaries has seen major growth with the involvement of some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

With the increase in population and traffic, the vehicles coming on road are also increasing. No wonder the wear down of Auto Ancillaries like oil filters, clutch parts, crew machine, gaskets, steering, forgings, valves and fittings and diesel engines has also emerged as a common issue. With a wide variety of vehicles components for passenger cars, jeeps, scooters, motorcycles, light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, three wheelers and tractors, Auto Ancillaries manufacturers establish a strong multiplier effect on the Indian economy.

A competitive auto ancillary’s manufacturer is poised to deliver a strong after-sales service support. This is equally concerned with the manufacturer’s brand image as it is with the satisfaction of automobile manufactures. If your auto ancillary’s after-market is weak and not supported by an automated system, you are likely to loose on your business margin, and gradually, your customers in the automobile industry too. This is because of the wide target market an auto ancillary manufacturer caters. An Auto Ancillary manufacturer would typically cater to various SKUs of different categories. The after-sales support would therefore involve multiple service processes like warranty claim, part claim, service claim, inventory movement and consumption, product’s escalation, invoice generation, and a lot more.

Efficiency and workforce management are of paramount importance in this service industry and managing it in the absence of an automated system is difficult and non-profitable.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
Zed-Service™ revolutionizes the after-sales support of Auto Ancillaries by methodizing its repair and service business process. From first level of repair to the higher in the hierarchy, Zed-Service™ supports forward and reverse logistics of the components. You get a broad vision over the repair status of each part in the repair factory. This helps the auto ancillaries’ manufacturer to deliver better service operations in order to create a difference in the market.

Zed-Service™ also captures the repair cost and technician’s productivity data and lets you measure return on investment. So you get to experience controlled TAT, maximized efficiency and visibility, and reduced service overheads.

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