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Computer Hardware and Networking
Typical Client Challenges:
Manufacturers and Authorized Service centers (ASCs) of Computer Hardware and Networking domain are challenged to respond to timely repair and return of the products. The use of products like PCs, Laptops and Notebooks is increasing day by day. We cannot afford the slowdown or breakdown period of our laptops, as it directly affects our production rate. From accounting, to marketing, sales, IT, Fashion Designing, Engineering or any such field, Computer Hardware and Networking equipments have revolutionized the working culture of professionals and individuals.Products like routers, network switches and hubs, security & surveillance products, GPS Navigation systems, network adapters and VPN connectors are integral support parts of computer and web-based work. The service and repair thereof, has to be prompt and quick. And, when you as a manufacturer do not have extended visibility for the status of their repair, you are more likely to face losses in terms of repair and service cost, and customer dissatisfaction.

The absence of an automated, end-to-end system leaves manufacturer and Service Centers of Computer Hardware and Networking industry in a position where they are unable to measure repair TAT, calculate engineer’s performance and maintain after-sales service and support budget. Tracking the product’s positioning in the repair cycle gets tricky, which affects the business’s bottom line.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
Zed-Service™ offers a full suite of service and repair management, which includes Warranty Management, Claim Management, Analytical and Graphical Reports, Gap Analysis, Inventory Control, Engineer’s Report and a lot more. We help Computer Hardware and Networking manufacturers and service centers to meet these demands and answer tomorrow’s challenges by streamlining their processes.
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