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Electrical and Electronic
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With the invention of innovative appliances, Electrical and Electronic industry has become a steadily flourishing and diversified sector in India and across. The Electrical and Electronic appliances are found in every household, office and manufacturing premises. Manufacturing of Electrical and Electronic items is hence superseding at a fast rate, but still has to keep pace with the growing local demands.The after-sales service support of the Electrical and Electronic Appliances is indeed very crucial in maintaining the brand image and growth strategy of companies dealing in products like Television, DVD, Home Theatres, Audio Systems, Gaming Consoles, Microwave Ovens, Mixers, Grinders, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air-conditioners, Geysers, Motor pumps, etc. The time involved and service provided count up for a coherent after-sales service for the customer. To ensure timely delivery and minimum overhead costs, streamlining warranty, service & repair processes is extremely important and critical to business growth and survival.

Companies that offer the Packaged Electrical Power and Power Conditioning Products like Inverters, UPS Stand-Alone Batteries, Inverter batteries, Solar batteries, etc need instant replacement in case they break down. The customers are unwilling to accept long delays in the servicing of these products.

Several other equipments in this category like television, refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine and microwave are non portable products and hence they require on-site and RTB repair process. Managing the repair process of these appliances manually involves a lot of loopholes and gaps. Manufacturer/ Service Centers have limited access to warranty management, inventory management, real-time information on the flow of work orders, accuracy of service and part claims and many more. This affects the turn-around-time (TAT) of the service, and defeats the very purpose of timely delivery to the customers.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
Zed-Service™ helps the Electric and Electronic appliance manufacturer to automate the repair and service processes and reduce overhead costs. The system helps to improve the Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of repair and streamlines warranty and recycling programs. The manufacturer/service head receives an end-to-end service chain visibility with detailed work report of all entities involved in the repair process.Zed-Service™ also identifies improvement priorities by looking at the warranty cost structure like the cost of repair labor, repair material and repeat repair within a stipulated period. It can also be integrated with an existing ERP or any third party tool where data exchange is required.

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