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Engineering and Automobile
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Engineering and Automobile is a booming industrial industry globally. In India, the industry’s growth has been so stupendous that it has been often considered as the Sunrise Sector of the Indian Economy. With Indian Automobiles industry being the 9th largest industry in the world, several manufacturers have spread their businesses in across nations. The number of automobile units sold increase every year, which leads to the increase in after-market service opportunities. This industry also witnesses the highest number of repairs and warranty spends than any other industry.Engineering Automobiles offer distinct supply chain processes for its aftermarket operations. The fact that this industry deals with extreme variation of size, weight and model, creates unique service and repair challenges. There are various service centers, and sometimes thousands of service and repair cases are handled daily. To track every authorized center’s functioning; along with ensuring fast TAT requires a system that can withstand the complete, end-to-end management of Inventory & Products, Reverse Logistics, Part Management, Claim Management and more. Providing free services is also a mandatory part of the automobile industry, which can account for exceeding overhead costs in the absence of an automated system.

From work order escalation to stock escalation, warehousing and invoice management- access to reliable business information is the rationale for efficient service and repair process. The lack thereof, impedes real-time decision making and timely delivery to the end-customer.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
Zed-Service integrates multiple modules in one system and offers real-time visibility on the service and repair status of the automobiles across service centers. Our Service Management System helps you keep complete track of all the work orders that are created either during In-Warranty or Out-of-Warranty timeframe. It supports the forward and reverse logistics of the automobiles from one service center to another, the inventory involved, service and part claim and much more.In an as heterogeneous environment as Automobiles repair, Zed-Service™ saves you from incurring high costs in inventory due to the lack of visibility on the Work-in-progress stage. The system supports multiple logins for multiple users like Super Admin, Regional Head, Engineers, Sales Managers, Account Managers and others. The data exchange takes place in Real Time, giving the Manufacturer and/or Service Center Heads the time-to-time reports right from work order generation to final delivery of the serviced system.

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