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Home Appliances
Typical Client Challenges:
In an exceedingly competitive scenario, differentiating your company from others is a challenge. Along with factors like quality, features and cost, one of the key aspects in choosing a Home Appliance vendor is its exceptional after-sales service. Today’s lifestyle depends a lot on high technology home appliances like Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave and Tea Maker. This makes the end-customer quite restless to get them serviced / repaired fast. A speedy and organized repair delivery not only delights the end-customer, but also increases the business profit. A Service Management Software that auto alters the real-time call status, intimates the customers, service engineers, calculates warranty claim, inventory stock and TAT report ensures more repairs in less times. This leads to a perfect win-win scenario for both customers and the manufacturers / suppliers.Most of the Home Appliances are not portable, and hence the repair work is typically done on-site or at customer’s location. A repair technician (service engineer) visits and troubleshoots the problem, and replaces or repairs depending on his scope of repair. Else the product is returned to the Bench (RTB) or Repair Factory, and is delivered to the customer after repair is complete. It often gets difficult to track the parts involved in the repair process, the service price charged from the customer and status of the job sheet/work orders. Excel files and accounting tools help in some ways, but does not give real-time updates and information on service TAT.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
The automated Service / Repair Management Software Zed-Service™ helps the Home Appliances manufacturer and its authorized service centers to manage the repair calls / job sheets and organize the involved processes (escalations, forward and reverse logistics, inventory used). Zed-Service™ also provides one-stop view for overall service operations, which mean the primary manufacturer, can view the Presence Across Nation (PAN) report of each service center, opened and closed work order status on a rich user-friendly interface.
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