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Mobile Telecommunications
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Mobile Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing industries that contribute significantly to the market growth and economy. From a market monopoly domain to full competition, Mobile Telecommunications has significantly extended its boundaries.It is hence apparent that the wear-down and faults in the Mobile Telecommunication industry would also surfeit. The global diversity of its customer base has led Mobile Manufacturers run self-owned as well as Authorized Service Centers (ASCs/ASPs) to undertake the repair process of handsets. These Customer Walk-in Centers have many levels, with the lowest level called L1/L2 being accessible to customers. After an Early Level Screening (ELS) of the handset brought in by the customer, engineers attempt repair on it, or escalate to the higher levels like L3 and L4, depending on the scope of the repair.

With several reverse and forward escalations involved in the repair process, manual tracking of the work orders becomes difficult. In the absence of an automated system, service centers often lose foresight on Inventory Involved, Warranty Tracking, Forward and Reverse Logistics Handling, Escalation Mechanism, Repair Channel Monitoring, and Service and Claim Management. In such situations, service centers loose effective control over service processes and it becomes difficult to measure efficiencies and calculate TAT as per the agreed SLA.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
Zed-Service™ Service Management System is a 360 degree automation tool that helps Mobile Manufacturers and Authorized Service Centers to synchronize their post-sales service operations. The key modules that are scaled to serve the repair and service business processes are Work order Creation, Spare Part Inventory Management, Warranty Management, Forward and Reverse Logistics Management, Claim Management, Dead on Arrival and Cannibalization and Teardown Management.The key Zed-Service™ modules capture repair information, history data and backlog reports, synchronize asset management, maintain Minimum Stock Level (MSL) and manage accuracy of claims settlement. Designed to revolutionize the Mobile Handset Industry profitably and proactively, Zed-Service™ reduces cost and optimizes business performance.

Zed-Service™ has created a niche in the Mobile industry with more than 13 established companies and enthusiastic new entrants using this service management software. Our system is currently operational across 2000+ service centers and handles more than 5 lakh service calls per month.

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