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Wellness Products
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Wellness Products like Spa, Jacuzzi, Faucets, bathtubs, showers, Geysers, whirlpool baths, towel warmers, Treadmill, and many more personal gym equipments for health-care self development are the products of exceeding importance in households, hotels, clubs and relaxation centers. The hallmark of these products is their excellence in craftsmanship and the comfort they provide. It is pertinent for the Wellness Products manufacturer to support a robust after-sales service and repair solution, because when consumers build their dependency on these products, it becomes a part and parcel of their lifestyle. In situations where wellness products fail to perform, customers demand quick repair and exemplary service every time.Amidst this entire process, the manufacturer and/or its service centers have to ensure a no loss or profitable after-sales support operation. An established manufacturer with multiple presence across geographies and fully customer centric sales strategy often have limited or partial access about the customer support due to involvement of multiple touch-points and variety of products and services. All this leads to dissatisfied customers and loss of business and market positioning. Implementing an end to end after-sales service management system is a reliable tool to automate and streamline the service and repair management processes.

As most of the Wellness Products are not-portable and demand an on-site service, the repair operations are quite different from the carry-in products. The customer files complaint, and a technician (service engineer) visits the place to perform repair. Once the service/ repair are complete, the engineer charges the repair fee and closes the work order. If the product is beyond the scope of engineer’s repair, he returns it to the repair factory bench (RTB). The product is then tested, screened, reworked and repaired; and the service/repair charge (if out-of-warranty or warranty failed) is charged accordingly. The challenge in this kind of on-site repair process is ensuring a minimum stock level (MSL) with every service center so the technicians never have to wait to do an on-site repair. At times, it also becomes difficult for a service center head to supervise claim management and differentiate between actual and invalid service claims.

What Zed-Service™ Provides?
Zed-Service™ is a web-based service automation tool that keeps track of the repair process, generates alerts, and facilitates detailed, real-time reports. The streamlined process helps to reduce the repair Turn-Around-Time, measures product performance and Gap analysis, and minimize the chances of pilferages in service claims.The on-site repair feature of Zed-Service™ tracks detailed repair information related to the product, calculates technician’s productivity, acts as an effective monitoring tool to control TAT in closing a work order, and the forward and reverse escalations to RTB (Return-To-Bench). The robust service management system also helps the manufacturer to trace the inline inventory from vendors, warehouses and service centers. This ensures minimal chances of forfeit in spare part consumption. A boon for all wellness-products manufacturers and service centers, Zed-Service™ promises a complete revolution in the way the after-sales service functions in wellness products industry.

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